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The Sterile Transparent Film Wound  Care F is a film that adapts to any contour  body and protects the epithelial tissue from external factors,

such as microorganisms and liquids.

.  Reduction of the risk of infection: the high permeability to  water vapors prevents the accumulation of moisture between the  skin and film, preventing bacterial proliferation and,  hence the risk of infection. Your  impermeability to bacteria allows the same  act as a mechanical barrier.

.  Minimizes film change frequency: A high  film permeability to humid gases and vapors  keeps the skin dry and increases the adhesion of the film with  the skin, which reduces the frequency of exchange.

. Greater patient comfort: Composed of an adhesive  hypoallergenic and being highly permeable to gases and  humid vapors, prevents maceration and skin irritations,  increasing user comfort.

.  Wound visualization: Its transparency allows visualization of the wound evolution (when not applied  over a primary coverage).

Available in sizes: 7cm x 5cm / 10cm x 12cm / 10cm x 25cm / 20cm x 30cm

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